Deciding on using a solicitor

We always advise our clients to make use of a solicitors services when buying inTurkey.

It enables your purchase to go through stress free and without taking longer than it should


When buying abroad , difficulties nearly always occur when the client has not sought proper legal advise. We recommend using a registered Turkish Solicitor. It represents a small percentage part of the total investment yet ensures a piece of mind.

The average solicitor cost is £1000. For this the solicitor will check the process to ensure clean title,and that the contract is correctly drawn up.

We are happy to refer you to a recognised qualified professional . We can also refer you to solicitors advertised on the British Consulate Website


The Process

Firstly we recommend that you grant the solicitor full powerof attorney so that the purchase can be completed on your behalf

With this the solicitor can

1.     Check clean title on your property and a legal habitation certificate

2.     Draw up and finalise an effective contract

3.     Obtain military clearance

4.     Process title to you and register a local title deed.

You should allow a few weeks for this process to take place, and by investing in a solicitor you can ensure that your investment is secure