Legal procedure

Secure your chosen property and agree the price – the validity of the title deed is then checked by your solicitor. Contract is then drawn up by your solicitor, setting down the terms of sale, i.e. price, payment terms, timescale, vendor, purchaser and any extra requirements. In many cases, the purchaser returns home, the contract is then emailed for you to check and only once you have approved it will your solicitor proceed with the purchase in your absence.
Most buyers will only be in Turkey for a short time while they looking for the property and because the buying procedure can take up to 8 weeks, a person in Turkey must be appointed as a ‘Power of Attorney’. The nominated person (usually the licensed Estate Agent) will undertake all the tasks necessary to purchase the property on the Clients behalf. Turkish Property Expert and the client (a copy of passport and photos required) visit the local Notaries office to legally register the Power of Attorney paperwork. The client will employ the services of an Independent Translator. The Translator’s job it is to explain all the Turkish paperwork in detail to the Client. When the Translator is satisfied that the Client understands the paperwork, will the Client be allowed to sign.
The Power of Attorney Agent will then, in the client’s absence, oversee and chase through all the different stages to complete the purchase. For example: Obtaining the necessary permission for a Non-Turkish National to buy a property. All Non-Turkish Nationals must obtain permission to buy property here.
Registration of Property Deeds with the local Municipality and the Agent also undertakes to carry out any property / title deed searches etc.
When all the legalities are complete, the Agent will then contact the client and request that the balance of funds due on the purchase be transferred to the Turkish Bank Account
After completion, the Agent will obtain the ‘TAPU’ which is the Title Deeds to the property. These will be made out in the clients name & showing the clients photograph`s. This document now belongs to the client.
Purchase of property in Turkey
In real terms foreigners can only own up to a maximum of 2.5 hectares (25,000 m2) of land and property. Upon application the Council of Ministers may use its discretion to increase this threshold to a maximum of 30 hectares (300,000m2) providing this figure does not exceed a total of 0.5% of the land area of the province in question.
Foreign nationals and foreign commercial companies are not allowed to buy property in the strategic military and security zones of Turkey.   
Please note that to purchase real estate/land in Turkey, conditions of reciprocity, complying with legal restrictions apply. In implementation of the reciprocity principles, it is essential that real estate acquisition rights given by a foreign country to its own citizens and to commercial companies established in foreign countries, according to the laws of these countries are also given to the citizens and commercial companies of the Republic of Turkey. 
Please access the Turkish Embassy website for more information at:
The Embassy website:    
British citizens may purchase property in Turkey, subject to the following conditions:
·         The property can be paid for in either Turkish lira or foreign currency. There are also no restrictions about the transfer of foreign currency or Turkish Lira from a Turkish or foreign bank.
·         Applications should be made to the District Land Registry office (Tapu ve Kadastro Mudurlugu), when a suitable property for purchase is found.
 Note: Turkey and the UK have a bilateral agreement to avoid double taxation. Tax of the property in Turkey is payable to the Turkish tax authorities as the relevant law requires.
Settle or work in Turkey
 UK Nationals who wish to visit Turkey for less then 90 days may obtain a tourist visa by presenting a valid UK passport at any of Turkey`s ports of entry.  £10 visa fee, payable in cash only, is the only requirement.
All other UK nationals who plan to stay in Turkey for more than 90 days must first obtain the appropriate visa from a Turkish Embassy or Consulate prior to arrival. Please access the Turkish Embassy website:  for more information.
Companies seeking to employ UK nationals in Turkey must first obtain approval from the Turkish Ministry of Labour and Social Security to hire foreign citizen employees.  Prospective employers may obtain application forms for work permits at 
Upon approval from the Ministry of Labour and Social Security, the UK national, employment candidate must next apply for a Turkish work visa.  Work visa requirements, instructions and application forms are available through the Embassy of the Republic of Turkey website at:
Residence in Turkey
Residency Permits are obtained AFTER arrival in Turkey. Formal application must be made to the police authorities of the province in which you reside, or to the Aliens department of the Police in Ankara, if no fixed abode in Turkey is intended. HOWEVER, well BEFORE your departure from the UK, you should contact the Turkish Embassy in London for information on requirements for residency and for information about importation of your household goods or car. Please access the website   for further details. 
On first application, residence permits may be issued for a two-year period, thereafter for a maximum of five years at any one time.