Living in your Property in Turkey

Whether you are intending to live in your property in Turkey permanently, semi-permanently, or just using it as a holiday home, there are several important things that you need to consider before you begin your exciting adventure.


If you have bought a property in Turkey with a pool and garden, then you may want to consider a maintenance service. If you have bought into a complex with a shared pool/garden then it is usually required that you pay into a shared maintenance service. 
The service will involve the pool being cleaned regularly, filled and emptied before and after the summer season, and grass, flowers, and shrubs will be watered.
Depending on individual maintenance packages, some will carry out general repairs and repainting.


Due to long, hot summers, and short, mild winters, central heating is uncommon in property in Turkey specifically in the Southwest regions. It is of course possible to install central heating for those winter months, but it is generally considered to be quite expensive.
Many people choose to use wood burners, which are very effective in providing heat and yet are cheap to run.
Other forms of heating come in the form of electric heaters, oil filled radiators, and air-conditioning units used on the heat setting. These methods are effective in small rooms, but can be expensive to run in terms of electric bills.


Hot Water

The most preferred method of water heating amongst owners of property in Turkey is to use solar heating bye installing solar panels on top of the property. This can be effective for up to 8 months of the year, but is most reliable from May until October.
For the rest of the time, during winter months, it is still possible to use solar heating during particularly sunny days, however it is advisable to use other methods of water heating such as an emersion heater.

Keeping Cool

A lot of property in Turkey is designed to keep cool during the hot summers by being painted pale colours on the exterior of the building, and having marble or tiled floors on the inside.
As well as this many are installed with air conditioning, or if not then it is very quick and easy to install. 

If you require any help or advice in preparing your home for comfortable living, then we will be happy to assist you with this.