The Process of Buying Property in Turkey


The process of buying property in Turkey is relatively simple and is getting easier for foreign buyers. This guide will guide you through the general process of buying property, however individual sales may differ in some ways, but we can help you with this.


The first thing we suggest that you do is learn about the rules and regulations regarding foreign nationals buying property in Turkey. You can view our article which provides information here. *******

Before you purchase a property, it is important that thorough research is carried out on that property and the seller/developer.
 We can help you carry out the following checks:

·      If the seller does actually hold the Tapu (title deeds), and that they are able to transfer it to you.

·      If you are purchasing a brand new property then we need to be sure that it does have a Tapu and that you will be able to acquire it.

·      If the Tapu has any loans or debts on it, and that it is ‘clean’.

·      That the owner does not have any unpaid utility bills, tax payments, or any other outstanding debts that could be put onto you after purchase.

·      If there are any issues with the property itself or surrounding area such as leaking, flooding, sewage etc.

·      There is a reliable connection of water and electricity, and a reliable sewage system.

·      Research on a developers previous projects and developments and any problems that have arisen with those.

Do you need to hire a Solicitor?

It is not compulsory that you hire a solicitor in order to purchase property in Turkey, however it is advisable to do so and many buyers opt to carry out the process using a solicitor.

We also advise that you seek an independent solicitor who is not associated with the seller or estate agent. For the services of an independent solicitor you are looking at a fee in the region of 1400 USD.

Which documents do you need to buy a property?

After you have decided which property you want to buy and would like to begin the purchase process, you will need your passport, and you will need to acquire a personal tax number from the tax office. You will then need to open a Turkish bank account, which also requires this tax number.

What fees are involved in buying property?

You will have to pay purchase tax (4%), property tax, water connection fee, electric connection fee, notary fee, and official translation fee. The cost for these will be in the region of 1300 USD.

The purchase process

You will need to make an application to purchase the property, and this will go to the local Tapu office and is then sent to the Military Officials. The military will approve the purchase providing the property does not lie within a military zone or other prohibited zone.

After the purchase has been approved, you will then need to go to the Tapu office to sign the ownership documents. This is where you will need an official translator.

The next stage is for you, or your Power of Attorney, to go to the Land Registry office with the seller in order to enter the Title Deeds into the Land Registry.

There is some paperwork that must be carried out before the process is complete, it is not too complicated and should be quite straight forward, however, we will be able to help you with this as well.

We have thorough experience with property purchase for foreign buyers so you can rely on us to make the whole experience, simple, easy, stress free and problem free. We maintain professionalism and expertise throughout your purchase process and will be on hand to help you with any concerns you have, even after you have completed the purchase.