Dalaman Turkey is an area of truly outstanding beauty. The area offers warm shallow waters, lovely views and a range of historic monuments. Dalaman airport, 4 miles south of the town, serves the popular holiday resorts of Marmaris, Dalyan, Kas, Fethiye with a good choice of holiday charter flights from the UK. Dalaman - Predominately a Mediterranean farming tow Dalaman is predominately a Mediterranean farming town and many visitors simply pass through the town on their way to their holiday hotel. The local resorts around Dalaman offer more holiday facilities. Hisaronu is better for nightlife with a good selection bars, restaurants and clubs.
Dalaman Region
Dalaman itself is a little Turkish Mediterranean farming town south of the coastal road. But most holiday visitors just pass through Dalaman Airport and on to their holiday resort. The large region stretches from Antalya to Marmaris. Fethiye is a charming harbour town with a lively atmosphere and has plenty of good restaurants along the harbour front. One of the most beautiful of all Mediterranean beaches is at Olu Deniz with white sand, crystal blue waters and pine-covered slopes. Kalkan was once a Greek enclave and retains its white sugar cube houses. 
 Dalaman is in the region of Mugla in the southwest Aegean part of Anatolia where civilizations have been founded since early history. Along this 1000km long coastal trip of Turkey there are hundreds of small and large bays along an 1100 km long coastal strip. More than 50% of the land is covered with lush forests.
A rented car would be useful to pay visits to the neighbouring towns and bays. Sarsala is the closest with its breathtaking view when you drive down from the hill towards the beach. The municipality of Dalaman conveniently built a nice tea house and showers where you can have your lunch under the olive trees and enjoy the crystal clear waters of Mediterranean.
Kocagol is untouched, very clean and serene lake and a canoe is waiting just for you, tied to a small wooden jetty. You can row all around the lake and discover the hidden bays and gardens surrounding the shores.
 Dalaman River
Dalaman River, whose ancient name was Indos, begins in the Kocas Mountain near Dirmil and lies between Marmaris and Fethiye.
The total length of the river is 229 km. increased by branches from the Goktepe and Yaylacik Mountains of West Toros (Taurus), it flows through a narrow and deep valley and reaches the sea 8km south of Ortaca.
As the river is fed with the natural limestone, the turquoise-blue water is always clear and warm. The Dalaman is near the popular areas of the Mediterranean and Aegean, so it attracts local and foreign tourists and rafting is possible throughout the year. For accommodation, there are many guest-houses in Akkopru village.
The rafting points can be easily reached from Marmaris, Dalyan, Fethiye and Turunc and from Dalaman airport. The water level of the river, in which rafting is possible throughout the year, rises the most in September and October. As flowing water forms small falls, there are passes among the course, which divert the river into two separate branches over the Akkopru village. The upper branch is class 5 and the lower is class 3 - 4. Once reaching Akkopru, the flow rate of the river increases and class becomes higher

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