Mugla off the south western coast of Turkey is the perfect tourist destination - people are friendly, the climate is hot and the sea is warm. Sarigerme, with its close proximity to Dalaman International Airport and with more and more modern accommodation facilities being built, has found itself as a centre of tourism in a region fast becoming internationally popular. The interaction of pine trees and the coast of Sarigerme, with its fine sand against the backdrop of beautiful pine trees, has continued for centuries. It is the site of the ancient city of Physilis. This city is now buried under the shifting sand.  Sarigerme is the name given to the coast near the village of Osmaniye, 850 metres inland from the shore. The name Sarigerme is linked to the Sariçay Stream that divides Osmaniye and the coast. The Sariçay was once used as the transportation route for timber that was brought from the forest to the sea. To prevent the timber from escaping into the sea the stream`s outlet into the ocean was closed during times of timber transportation. Thus the name ‘Germe`, which means tightening or fencing. Sarigerme, with its seven kilometres of coastline, shallow sea and the island of Babaada not too far in the distance, is truly a perfect holiday haven and place to live. Therefore, all services required by the luxury hotels being supplied by the village of Osmaniye are also being supplied to the small motels and pensions as well. The island of Babaada, situated right off the coast, is the place where boats and yachts plying between Marmaris and Göcek moor regularly. The sheltered side of the island, which looks directly at Sarigerme, is used to moor the boats and yachts. The other face of the island is rocky and most suitable for diving. If you are confident it is possible to swim to the island and later climb to the top and have a bird`s eye view of the beautiful scenery surrounding you. One can also take long walks along the coast. A truly stunning place to stay whether for a holiday or to live, this town does already have quite a strong British and European community in place.

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